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This blog space is a place for me to primarily put all my wool gatherings, adventures, experiments. I am now a mum of two astounding daughters, and I used to be a DIY musician and co-ran a tiny independent label (Slampt), so this punk can-do attitude plus feminist analysis and Art school experience somehow informs my wool work! I am also deeply moved by GREEN, trees, weather, colour combinations in nature, and texture. I aim to source wool from round the corner or at the very least UK grown and processed, and to create no toxic waste. This means I get to see sheep as often as I can, sometimes at wool fests.
I am on Ravelry and Etsy as FatHenWildWool and Facebook as Rachel Holborow.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Hot Off the Wheel MHE yarn

This is a 2 ply yarn I spun over the christmas period. I really love the colours, and it was thrilling watching them unfold into singles and then a further blending into a 2 ply. This extra fine merino wool was dyed by My Heart Exposed, using plant dyes, and is called " Nature's Perspective" from the Lady Mya collection. I prefer to work with non merino wools, but I loved this colourway... I found that I was glowing with happiness as the greener and redder shades came through, and was a little restless if  I hit a patch of blue! Probably that means something other than I obviously dislike blue! Some pointer to where I need to do more soul work?
 But what shall I knit with it? It turned out a little thicker than I was hoping for my lacey shawl project, so I will have to find some other use for it.


  1. mittens or fingerless mitts ?
    love the way you have spun this one, its very pretty :)

  2. Thanks! A collaboration I think! I love to see some fibre I've dyed spun by others, it's always so inspiring!